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The following committee meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 prior to the City Council meeting:

6:00 P.M. FINANCE COMMITTEE: (Reithemeyer, Wolf and Kendall) Conference Room #2

To Discuss:

(a) An Ordinance Accepting a Grant from the Walton Family Foundation in the Amount of $1,300 for Community CPR Education; Appropriating Said Funds

(b) An Ordinance Accepting a Grant from the Arkansas Department of Health, Trauma Systems in the amount of $25,801 For the Purchase of Related Medical Supplies for FY13; Appropriating Said Funds

6:00 P.M TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE: (Kruger, Townzen and Hatfield) Conference Room #1

To Discuss:

(a) An Ordinance Authorizing a Pavement Maintenance Unlimited, LLC; Increasing Federal Grant Revenue Acct. #315-15-48050; Appropriating the Sum of $92,606 from Airport Reserve into Acct. #315-15-81131

(b) An Ordinance Authorizing the Purchase of Parcel Number 02-01482-000 at the Corner of 13th & New Hope for the County Appraised Value ($43,000); and Enter Into an Agreement with Rogers Public Schools for Improvements on 13th Street

(c) An Ordinance Authorizing a Contract with Traffic & Lighting System, Inc. of Oklahoma City, OK for the North 2nd and Locust Street Traffic Signal Project; Accepting the Lowest Qualified Bidder

(d) An Ordinance Appropriating $32,000 from General Fund Reserve into Acct. #100-08-80105 for Trail Grant Related Projects

6:15 P.M. PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE: (Goodwin, Kruger and Hatfield) Conference Room #1

To Discuss:

(a) ORD. Authorizing an Interlocal Agreements with the City of Little Flock, AR and Benton County, AR to Provide Ambulance Services

(b) Discuss Ambulance Service to Benton County in 2014 and beyond

(Townzen, Wright & Kendall) Conference Room #2

To Discuss:

(a) Rogers Water Utilities Update and End of Year Report