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Honorable Judge Paul Bridges

The State District Court of Benton County, AR – Rogers Division is responsible for the handling of traffic citations, city and county ordinance violations, criminal misdemeanors, civil suits and small claims suits.

1901 South Dixieland, Rogers AR 72756
Located at the corner of Dixieland and New Hope, next to the Rogers Police Department.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Phones lines are answered 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
- case cannot be continued over the phone.

The Court Clerks cannot do the following:
- Give you legal advice
- Give you suggestions on what to say or write to the Judge
- Fill out forms for you
- Recommend an attorney


All payments are now made at the Court not the Rogers Police Department

  • cash payments will only be accepted for the exact amount
    (the court cannot give change)
  • The court will only accept checks up to $999.00
  • Credit Card Payments can be done at

-  The price to file a Civil case is $80.00.

-  The price to file a Small Claims case is $65.00

Court Sessions
Arraignment: Is your first appearance in court, this is when you will be asked to enter a plea on the charges pending against you. You may plead one of the following:  Guilty, Nolo Contendre (no contest) or Not Guilty.

Guilty: you are admitting your guilt to the charge.

Nolo Contendre: it is not an admission of guilt, but is an admission of the
truth of the facts alleged against you. This plea cannot be used against you
in any other legal proceeding.

Not Guilty: is a denial of guilty to the charges against you.

**** Please consult your citation for the appropriate court date and time.

** All individuals under the age of 18 must appear in court with a parent or guardian.

At your arraignment you will be given the following information:

- The charge pending against you
- That you have the right to be represented by counsel
- That you may have the right to a court appointed attorney

If you plead guilty or nolo contendre to the charges pending against you at arraignment, you will be sentenced on that day (exception is a DWI charge).  Sentencing may include the following;

  • fines and court costs
  • special conditions, such as public service work, defensive driving course, restitution to the city or county prosecutor, or any other special condition deemed necessary by the Judge.

You will then be required to speak to a Court Clerk about a payment arrangement and/or time to complete your special condition. You will be given a deadline to have your payment made or proof of completion of the special condition turned into the court clerk’s office.

Plea Discovery:
If you enter a not guilty plea at arraignment you will be set for a plea discovery date. On this date you will speak to either the Rogers City Attorney or the Benton County Prosecutor. The prosecutor will show you the evidence against you and he/she may offer you a plea agreement. If you accept the plea, you will be sentenced on that day. If you do not accept the plea, you will be set for a trial date.

On your trial date, you may present evidence and witnesses on your behalf. This is the day that the arresting (issuing) officer will be present. The State will present their case against you and you will present your case. The Judge will make the final finding of guilt or not guilty (District Courts do not have jury trials).

If you disagree with the Judge’s finding, you have the right to appeal his decision by appealing your case to the Benton County Circuit Court. The cost of appealing your case is $20.00 to have the transcript prepared in District Court and $140.00 to file the appeal with the Benton County Circuit Court.
** (fees are subject to change)

Frequently Asked Questions and Telephone Numbers

Rogers District Court
1901 South Dixieland google it!
Rogers, Arkansas 72758

479-621-1132 phone
479-621-1136 fax
Civil & Small Claims:

District Court Personnel

Paul Bridges
District Judge

Connie Watson,
District Court Clerk


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