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Rogers Historical Museum  

Education is at the heart of the museum's mission. Students attending our in-house and outreach programs develop an appreciation of place and culture, a sense of community pride, an awareness of heritage preservation, and opportunities for learning across all age levels. By creating materials that connect the museumís message with some element of a teacherís curriculum, the museum assures that both teachers and students have the opportunity for an enhanced lesson that produces academically capable students who can demonstrate their competency in the core curriculum and apply their knowledge and skills.

At the Rogers Historical Museum all of our school programs are based on the current Arkansas Curriculum Standards. The benefits for children participating in our in-house & outreach programs include:

  • Handling real artifacts and high quality replicas
  • Developing thinking skills including problem solving, enquiry, observation, empathy, and understanding
  • Acquiring new knowledge, understanding, and skills
  • Enjoyment, inspiration, and creativity
  • Changing their perception of and attitude toward museums
  • Social benefits, e.g., team working, meeting other adults
  • The opportunity to participate actively as citizens and develop social skills with other people outside of the school environment

This museum is a community-wide investment in our children. It provides fundamental learning experiences. It is an institution of exploration where children lead the process of discovery in an educational atmosphere. It is a place where teachers, parents, and museum staff all share in each student's joy in learning about the world around them.

Click here for a full listing of the learning objectives and curriculum frameworks addressed by each of the museum's programs.


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