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Adult Soccer - Spring

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Teams play 11 vs. 11 under FIFA (Football International Federation Association) with some additional league rules. Teams are divided into different divisions (first, second, and third) based on skill level, with the First Division being the most skilled.

1st Division = $580 (2 payments of $290.00)
2nd, 3rd, 4th Division = $530 (2 payments of $265.00)
Over 35, Over 40, Co-Ed, Women’s Division = $200.00 (2 payments of $100.00)

First Payment due March  17,2014
Second Payment due April 14, 2014

ALL teams must submit an official RAC roster; pay the first team payment and the $35 player fee for each player on the roster before the deadline.

Rosters must have 8 players with all information complete (except jersey #).

New players can be added to a roster after it is submitted IF there are openings on the roster (maximum of 22 players allowed on a roster). A player registration form and $35 must be paid for each new player.

Pictures for new players should be emailed to . Pictures must be a close up of the face only.

Removing a player from a roster can only be done by the Coach/Asst Coach/Manager named on the roster. The player pass must be surrendered at the RAC front desk; RAC staff will white out the name of the player. Coach will sign off on player’s original form. No money is refunded.

Registrations will be taken at the RAC customer service desk Monday thru Wednesday ONLY! Players entered in the system by Wednesday at 8:30pm will receive cards for the upcoming weekend games.

Coaches, Assistants & Managers listed on rosters MUST pay $10.00 for each coaches card unless they are a player too, then they pay the player fee only. If they do not pay the coach fee, they MUST be removed from the roster by RAC staff! Anyone on the bench without a player/coaches card will be fined.


Cards will be available 3/28/2014 for first games on 3/30/2014!
Player passes are available on Fridays after 5:00pm.
• No Transfers.
• No Refunds. No Exceptions.
• $25.00 returned check charge.
• Replacement cards are $10 and must be approved by Cesar Aguilar.

Team Standings and Suspensions will be posted at  or on the information board at the Foerster Soccer Complex.

Meetings: Team informational meeting March 5, 2014 @ 7:00 pm at the RAC
Adult soccer coaches will be held March 26, 2014 @7:00 pm at the RAC

For more information contact Cesar Aguilar at 631-0336 ext. 431 or e-mail


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