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The Adult Wellness Center is funded completely by the City of Rogers. Donations are always appreciated and help us maintain a quality facility with quality programs at a minimal cost to our members. Any donation amount is helpful. If you are interested in contributing to the Adult Wellness Center but are unable to volunteer, a donation may be the answer for you. Donations can also be made to support the Steve Womack Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund allows for annual memberships for those who cannot afford our fees.

Please contact Lesli Ossenfort at 631-3333 or if you are interested in making a donation to the center or the scholarship fund.

We also take donations for the Adult Wellness Center library. We accept book donations if the books are in good condition. We take magazines if they are in good condition and are no more than two years old. We also accept DVD's and books-on-tape.  If we cannot use your donation, we will re-donate the materials to the Friends of the Library group.

Please contact Sahara Hoskins at 631-3333 or if you are interested in making a donation to the library.

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